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Zombie Ace
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Zombie Ace Review

We like to get all worked up about zombies. About how they're such a nuisance...always killing this or infecting that. Did you ever stop and imagine what it's like to be in their shoes? To have that constant desire for brains? It can't be easy. Humans like to live and zombies like to infect. Both parties should just agree to disagree and get on with things.

Zombie Ace gives you some valuable insight into the mindset of the zombie. Specifically, the zombie pilot. Touching the screen sends your plane upward, while releasing sinks it lower. Along the way you'll fight off enemy aircraft by tapping to fling your zombie passengers at them. In the end, the goal is to infect every city on your journey by landing and releasing passengers into the population.

See, zombies aren't so bad. They're an honest, hard-working bunch. Is mass infection of the human race so much to ask?

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