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Timmy - feat. The Insulting Monkey
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Timmy - feat. The Insulting Monkey Review

Monkeys. So smug, so self assured, swinging around in their trees all nimbly like they're better than we humans.  It makes a person want to hurl a grenade into their collective face and blow them to whatever monkey deity they pray to. Luckily there's an outlet for this dark fantasy on the App Store called Timmy feat. The Insulting Monkey,

On first inspection Timmy doesn't look like much. The set-up smacks strongly of Angry Birds but if one can look past this caveat there is a good bit of fun to be had with this game. Gameplay will likely be familiar to most: players take control of Timmy the anthropomorphic tank and are tasked with eliminating the titular rude primate by navigating a variety of ammunition through various destructible puzzle environments. Ammo types include grenades that explode when they stop moving, sticks of TNT with a set timer, and remote mines that stick to whatever they hit and can be set off at will. The puzzles range from simplistic to challenging with a somewhat schizophrenic difficulty curve, but generally as soon as the puzzles start to slow down a challenging level will arise to encourage further play.

Timmy mainly differentiates itself from the aforementioned avian juggernaut of an app by changing up the shot mechanics. After choosing a bullet type the player extends a power line out from Timmy's gun barrel that shows shot angle and velocity values. This change allows more precise control from shot to shot and results in something that feels like the Worms games had a baby with early 2000's battle tank flash games; a situation that is certainly preferable to pulling back a slingshot and vaguely aiming over and over.  

TL;DR Timmy feat. The Insulting Monkey is a competent aping (pardon the pun) of Angry Birds that offers enough of a gameplay change to keep players engaged.

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