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Temple Run
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Temple Run Review

If i were to tell you about a game that was one part Sonic 3 special stage, two parts Mirror's Edge, and one part Indiana Jones... Would you be interested?  Of course you would! That is precisely why i am here to tell you about Temple Run!  Now i won't insult your intelligence by pretending that you haven't heard about Temple Run considering the fact that it's currently tearing up the top charts on the App Store; but if you haven't played it yet then I'm here to tell you what's up.   Temple Run, at its core, is a free running game but it doesn't quite play the same as most, usually flash based, free running games of this style. Instead of being a sidescroller it plays from a behind-the-back third person view and has you fleeing from a pack of ravenous, skull-faced monkey monsters.  Much like Mirror's Edge the main control scheme is using upwards or downwards motions to either jump over or slide under obstacles while not running into things and ruining your momentum. Make too many mistakes and you'll find yourself getting munched by demonic apes or plummeting/smashing headlong to your doom in a hazard ridden swamp. 

I mentioned Sonic 3 because some of you may remember a particularly brutal special zone involving 90 degree turns and item collection.  This is very much the case in Temple run. You find yourself running along narrow walkways and having to make snap decisions as to whether to make a right angled left or right turn where the wrong decision can mean your unfortunate end. All the while you will be collecting coins to spend on power ups and life saving protective measures in the in-game store. 

Stylistically, the whole game is done in an Indiana Jones, archaeologist/adventurer motif complete with idol theft and an Aztec ruin backdrop which makes for a nice fantasy fulfillment for anyone like me who wished they could be just like Harrison Ford's swarthy protagonist.  The complete package comes together nicely to produce a supremely fun, incredibly addicting endurance challenge that will have you both elatedly and frustratedly hitting the "play again" button over and over.... and over again.

TL;DR Temple run is a stylish and addictingly fresh take on the free running genre with plenty of fun to be had.. Just don't play for too long, my grandma says too many video games will ruin your peepers.

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