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Soccer Showdown
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Soccer Showdown Review

Gamers beware…you have three chances to resist this addictive beast of an app: You can not download it. You can not install it. You can not open it. But once you get matched up against an opponent and the shots start flying, you're gonna be hooked.

Soccer Showdown pits you against an online opponent in a 1v1 penalty shootout. It's one of the most intensely competitive gaming experiences you'll find on any platform, let alone iOS. As the kicker, you can control everything from the direction and power (with swipe direction and speed) to the angle of the kick (whether you chip at the ball or use a long swipe) and curve (if you strike the edge of the ball). As the keeper, you stand inside the net looking out, and you use your finger to block the shot. It's a real thrill to "dive" at a whizzing shot and send it bouncing back at your opponent. With the option to rematch at the end of each game, you'll find yourself locked into heated rivalries.

Like any online game worth its weight in gold, Soccer Showdown dolls out experience points and coins that let you gain levels. You can also buy country-themed equipment (USA, woo!) and deck yourself out like a pro.

This one is a keeper. Consider yourself warned.

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