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Snakey Review

Like an agitated rattlesnake, this game will turn on you quickly. Snakey goes from simply fun to gloriously tough at the flip of a switch. Luckily, this rattlesnake comes with a "play again" feature. Right around level four, you'll realize that the cute little snake you once knew has transformed into a behemoth. Oh, how time flies.

You'll guide the snake by tapping either half of the screen to turn left or right. With each item of food you collect, the snake grows by one link. All you have to do to keep your game alive is keep the snake from hitting itself. Piece of cake, right? Hah. Pretty soon a ten mile long snake will be twisted all over the screen, and even your Retina iPad display won't be able to save you.

At any given time, Snakey puts you within ten minutes of a world record. Now show that snake who's boss. The elusive 1,500 points mark awaits!

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