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Silversword Review

You know that warm tingly feeling you get when an epic video gaming quest is about to begin? You know how you haven't gotten that feeling in years? Time to end that drought. Silversword for iPhone and iPad is nothing short of a narrative masterpiece. This classically inspired RPG will take you straight back to the glory days of story based gaming.

The amount of depth Silversword offers would be overwhelming if it wasn't so exciting. Like kids in a candy store, we had a hard time wrapping our heads around the all of the content. We found it completely liberating to be so blissfully unaware of the game's limitations. The sense of immersion and adventure is truly remarkable, and it's about to get even better. An expansion is coming soon...there will be dragons.

You and your crew of six allies will travel far and wide as you complete quests, battle monsters, and develop your characters. The downside is that you'll realize, by comparison, just how flat and soulless modern game campaigns have become. The upside is that you get to play Silversword. You're going to come out ahead.

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