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Shogun Review

If you asked us a week ago, we would have told you the bullet hell genre belongs in one place and one place only: the arcade. Not on a PC, not on a console, and certainly not on a handheld. If it doesn't have a joystick, a button, and a coin slot, it shouldn't be running a manic shooter. Well, times have changed.

In Shogun, touch controls simply shine. Your ship goes where your finger goes; no control pad necessary. Unsurprisingly, the sensation of being a small dot amidst a storm of explosions and gunfire becomes even more powerful when that dot is an extension of your finger rather than an 8-bit sprite you're controlling from two feet away. Speaking of which, Shogun's unique blend of graphical styles creates an enthralling next-gen experience while paying homage to its coin-munching predecessors. True to form, Shogun packs more bullets, baddies, bombs, and bosses than you'll know what to do with.

Pocket your quarters and unpocket your iPhone. After 20 years, "bullet hell" has finally come home. Batsugun would be proud.

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