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Pix'n Love Rush
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Pix'n Love Rush Review

Pixel art. Done wrong it's an eyesore. Done right it's a glorious homage to gaming's infancy. Pix'n Love Rush captures that wholesome 8-bit feel and adds a crisp modern twist. We've never seen a graphics quite like this before.

The gameplay itself takes a mixed angle too. It's got the simplicity of a sidescrolling Nintendo classic and the fluidity of a finely tuned new-age app. Pix'n Love is the best of both worlds, and also the best of some crazy parallel-universe middle world.

The game has four separate game modes: Classic Rush, Cursed Rush, Rainbow Rush, and On-Off Rush. Each one is worthy of being its own app, although Cursed Rush on "Hardcorest" difficulty is our personal favorite. The common denominator among these game types is speed...not so much speed that you'll get blasted out of your chair, but a consistent, sweat enducing speed that'll keep you both hooked and on edge. Pix'n Love hits the sweet spot on the pressure scale.

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