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Parallel Mafia
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Parallel Mafia Review

We're gonna make you an offer you can't refuse. What if we said you could play Parallel Kingdom, the App Store's most innovative RPG, in a futuristic, mafia-ridden, cyberpunk world?

If you asked the iOS gaming community as a whole to design its ideal game, you would end up with Parallel Mafia. Global conquest? Check. Mafia theme? Check. Player vs. player combat? Social hierarchy? A black market for trading endless weapons and items? Check, check, check.

As with Parallel Kingdom, the game world is superimposed on top of your real world location. Wherever you're standing, or sitting, or driving (hopefully in the passenger seat), that's where you'll be in-game. It's Dungeons and Dragons on steroids. Although in the case of Parallel Mafia, it's more like "Fronts and Crime Bosses." Now that's a game we can get into.

Players stake out territory by building "fronts." To gain influence over these fronts, you'll complete jobs and fight nearby NPCs. Whichever player exerts the most influence becomes the front's owner. More influence = more cash. Parallel Mafia might also be the most cutthroat RPG ever created, and here's why: when players operate near your fronts, you'll earn a cut of the cash. But that precious cash doesn't go straight into your pocket. It gets deposited into your front. And if you don't collect it, other players can steal it.

That, dear gamers, is a recipe for chaos. Count us in on day one.

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