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Nucleus Review

If there's one thing we've learned from top-down space shooters throughout the years, it's that asteroids are not our friends. The upside: we have an entire race of professional asteroid blasting pilots ready to confront the impeding space age head on. The future is bright for gamers.

When it comes to gameplay, Nucleus takes the asteroid-shooter genre into uncharted space. Forget meteor blasting for self are on a mission to collect electrons. Don't worry Asteroids fans, you still get to unleash a fiery laser barrage on meteors, crystals, and other space debris in order to expose those electrons. After rounding them up, you'll finish your electron rodeo by dropping them onto nuclei scattered throughout space. Once you've fed a nucleus enough electrons, it transforms into an atom…which in turn collapses into an all-consuming black hole. Each atom requires more electrons than the last, so the game scales in difficulty as you progress.

Atoms? Nuclei? Electrons? You know what that means! You're officially allowed to play Nucleus in class. That's the rule, right?

We here at Free Apps Arcade are suckers for immersive graphics, and Nucleus goes toe-to-toe with the graphical juggernauts of the iOS gaming world. There's something special about this one. Nucleus has a depth and a crispness that will make you wonder whether you're staring down at your device or up at the night sky. It's difficult to describe the way the visual experience transcends the screen. You have to see it to understand it.

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