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My Pet Zombie
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My Pet Zombie Review

90's kids will remember a certain toy that was one part playground phenomenon and two parts technological glory. As if that wasn't enough, this toy also let our parents pretend that, by buying it for us, they were teaching us valuable lessons about life and responsibility. This toy was the venerable Tamagochi, that egg-shaped hunk of plastic with two buttons and a crappy 8-bit screen that had kids caring more about the recyclable "life" of an amorphous, black and white blob than that of the family dog. If you remember having those wacky feelings then listen up, because My Pet Zombie will bring them bubbling back out of your subconscious.

My Pet Zombie is a digital pet game that blends the classic keep-your-pet-alive-and-happy gameplay, dress-up/customization mechanics, and that zombie apocalypse flavor that is so hot right now. Gameplay is generally what you would expect: feed and play with your zombie to keep its health, happiness, and energy up. The added wrinkle of being clothing and hairstyle customization makes the zombie feel uniquely yours.

Players feed and clothe their pets from a selection of zombie delicacies and the latest in undead fashion, both of which are purchased from the in game store with currency that has been either earned through minigames or purchased with real-world cash money. As players keep their shambling wards... um... "alive" and happy for longer periods, they will level up, unlocking more styles and foodstuffs in the store. The minigames make up the "playing with your pet" segment of the game and increase the zombie's well being while distracting it from the sweet fleshy fingers you keep poking in its face. Currently there are two minigames available: Zombie Director and Zombie Talkback.

Zombie Director is a Simon-style memory game that has pet owners repeating a lengthening sequence of zombie dance moves by swiping or tapping out different gestures on their screens, while Zombie Talkback allows the player to record up to three short voice phrases for their walking dead pal to moan back. The games themselves work well for some simulated one on one time with your digital pet. People who come into My Pet Zombie looking for a digital pet that's more... exotic than average should be quite pleased.

TL;DR My Pet Zombie is the perfect pet simulator for those who want an undead friend, but also want to hang on to their tasty, tasty brains.

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