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Infinity Blade
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Infinity Blade Review

Along with Angry Birds and Temple Run, Infinity Blade is App Store royalty. But unlike the former two, Infinity Blade isn't just famous for being famous...okay, not totally fair. Both are fun games, and both have earned their slots on the first page of our collective iPhones, but they're basically glorified Flash games with an extra-addictive kick.

Where were we? Oh right! Infinity Blade is well-deserving of its fame. It pushed the graphical envelope and put touch input to work in a unique way. We all own it or knows a friend who owns it. Either way, we won't patronize you by spelling out the gameplay details. You like it, you know it, and the time has finally come.

If you're one of those free app lovers who's still toying around with Epic Citadel (Epic's tech demo predecessor to Infinity Blade), today is your lucky day. Step up to Infinity Blade!

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