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Grabatron Review

There are a whole lot of alien invasion scenarios we like to toss around. Some aliens are benevolent, inquisitive beings looking to explore new planets and find allies. Others are evil conquerors bent on world destruction. One of those two scenarios makes for a great video game. The other is perfect for a boring one hour history channel special.

In Grabatron, you fly around in a UFO using your giant claw to wreak havoc. Apparently these aliens haven't developed tractor beam technology yet, but it's all for the best. Waving around a massive metallic weapon has its advantages. The gameplay is simple but addictive. The more destruction you can cause, the better. Whether this means using your claw to hurl cars hundreds of feet into the air, or smashing directly into buildings and people with your UFO, as long as it breaks you'll get points.

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