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Flappy Guns
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Flappy Guns Review

Flappy Bird games…Flappy Bird games everywhere. Kind of makes you want to do something crazy. Crazy like blasting these birds to pieces with a firearm. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Flappy Guns is the perfect flapping game.

Half of Flappy Guns is flapping. Tap a lot, dodge the pipes, lose, get frustrated. You know how that part works. But have you ever done it while dodging a barrage of gunfire? Didn't think so. When you inevitably meet your demise -- whether by pipe collisions, bullets, or both -- you trade positions with your opponent. Now you're the gunman. Let the Flappy Rage pour out of you as you unload on that ubiquitous pixelated bird. Yessssss. This is exactly what we needed.

All of this combat takes place in online matches, which makes the ordeal even more satisfying. 3D graphics, unlockable guns and birds, and perfect flapping mechanics to top it all off. Get flapping.

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