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Either dot5turbo is an artistic masterpiece that mocks the comically simplistic standards for mobile apps, or it's a rad action game that demands enough focus to crack a Shaolin monk. Or both. We say it's both.

The premise is simple enough: you're a dot moving along the horizontal edge of a cave. Tapping alternates you between the ceiling and the floor. Hitting obstacles knocks you towards the left edge of the screen (a.k.a. the death zone), while picking up blue dots gives you extra separation.

However, we can't shake the feeling that dot5urbo is a commentary on the state of mobile gaming. Is this app intended as a tongue-in-cheek, hyperbolically digital "mobile port" of the cave-flyer genre? The parallels go on and on: stalactites are replaced by immaculate neon spikes. Analog height control is ditched in favor of a binary up/down system. The soundtrack is an electro-ambient tune with synthetic cave dripping effects.

Frankly, we wouldn't put this past a developer like ustwo. Their team imbues apps with a trendiness and wit that's almost unheard of in the App Store. For example, dot5urbo is actually the fourth installment in a series of apps titled ".", "..", and "...". No, the internet didn't just break; those are their names.

We may never unlock the secret behind dot5urbo. But if we're lucky, everything will be revealed in the saga's thrilling conclusion: ".............."

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