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DoOdlE DumMieS Review

Not gonna lie... we are raving fans of this app. Doodle Dummies strikes a perfect balance between skill and strategy. This is an insanely strategic game masquerading as a cartoony brawler. It demands fast fingers as much as overall awareness.

Two Dummy armies square off against each other. When the match begins, you must fling your dummies at the opposing army. The game ends when one army has been depleted. But just because your army runs dry doesn't mean you've lost. At the start of the match you get to select how many dummies you'll use in battle. If you kill more than you lose, you'll earn the difference in new dummies.

Novice players will have a great time flinging troops as quickly as possible. But advanced players are in for a treat. Everything can be optimized. How many dummies will you use in battle? A bigger army is tougher to manage and more susceptible to bombs. A smaller army will crumble when ganged up on. The flow of battle is also critical. How will you manage your assault waves to deal maximum damage while protecting the weaker dummies? In combat the advantage goes to the attacker, so you'll need to constantly watch for enemies attempting to pick you off from outside the main scrum.

When you win a battle, you're awarded coins. Coins can be used to gamble in a slot machine and win stat bonuses, new dummies, food (which you need to keep your army alive), and more. Basically, it's a cyber pet, a slot machine, and an incredible combat game all rolled into one. Doodle Dummies was undoubtedly hand crafted by the gods of addictiveness.

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