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Cubler Review

The app store has seen its share of spectacular games. Some of them have ridiculous cutting edge graphics, some have 50 hour campaigns. But we don't often see apps with truly innovative gameplay. Today's app, Cubler, is one of these fortunate exceptions.

Cubler puts you in command of a rolling multicolored cube. You'll travel around a grid made up of colored squares. Each side of your cube is a different color, and the objective is to match the colored squares on the grid with the similarly colored side side of your cube. This requires an incredible amount of strategy. Cuber isn't just about getting from point A to point B. Much like solving a Rubik's cube, you'll end up figuring out different roll combinations to get where you want to go with proper orientation. It's all about the approach.

Cubler is a beautifully original puzzle game that forces you to think in an equally original "think different," if you will. Hey, that's kinda catchy. Someone should trademark it.

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