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Burning Bridges
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Burning Bridges Review

They always say you should never burn bridges. Well, maybe "they" should stop spreading such uncompromising idioms. There are plenty of situations where burning a bridge makes total sense. Maybe you're getting chased across a bridge by a pack of lions. You better be setting that thing on fire once you make it to the other side. They key is choosing which bridges to burn strategically. And guess what? There's an app for that!

Burning Bridges for iPhone and iPad throws a whole bunch of bridge-laden puzzles your way. Each level contains a pack of floating orbs connected by bridges. When you tap an orb, the bridge between that orb and the one you tapped previously is destroyed. To win, you must cycle through the orbs in the right pattern to burn all of the bridges without stranding yourself. See? Strategic bridge burning.

Don't live in fear of idioms. Go forth, gamers, and burn bridges!

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