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Burn The City
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Burn The City Review

GODZILLAAAAAA! Okay, not Godzilla. Another really, really big green dinosaur that destroys entire cities.

Burn the City is mechanically similar to Angry Birds. But while Angry Birds is lacking in the large scale destruction department, this title is all about the big catastrophes. Drag and slide to set the trajectory of your dinosaur's fiery projectiles. The smaller structures will be vaporized upon impact, while larger towers require a few good hits.

You don't have to take everything out at once, either. As soon as you've done some structural damage to a building, it'll be gradually weakened (and eventually consumed) by fires. So if you're more of a passive reptilian menace, you can launch a few fireballs and then let the fire finish the job while you do...dinosaur things?

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