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Balote Review

Let's face is on its way out. Remember a couple years ago when poker madness was sweeping the country, and it seemed like any time a couple kids played a game of poker in their parents' basement it got airtime on ESPN? Good times. Nowadays if you want to catch the World Series of Poker you'd better hope you have ESPN 8: The Ocho.

What new card game will step up to fill the void? A challenger has entered the ring! Balote is a formidable 2v2 cards app that'll test your competitive drive. It's unlike any card game you've ever played (unless you're from France or the Middle East), so be ready to adapt to a wild set of rules. The CPU is merciless, so you'll get whipped into shape in no time.

When the World Series of Balote holds open tryouts, you'll be ready to strut your stuff.

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