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Air Command
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Air Command Review

You know those games like Flight Control and Harbor Master? The ones where planes or boats come on screen and you have to direct them to safety without crashing them into each other? You do? Awesome, now stop thinking about them. We're going to talk about Air Command, a game unlike any other.

Air Command is an on-the-fly puzzle game in which players assume the role of an air traffic controller with an explosive touch who has lost all ability to tell his planes where to go. Gameplay is simple yet challenging: players begin each level with a set amount of points before any aircraft appear on screen. You won't increase that score; instead you'll lose points for sub-par peformance. The goal is to observe the approaching planes' flight paths and prevent them from colliding with each other by removing, with a tap of the finger, only those most in danger of collision. The more airplanes you eliminate, the more your total score depletes. If two planes cross paths they will not crash and burn, but the you'll lose a hefty chunk of your final score. Suceed in getting most of the planes to safety, with only one or two key craft eliminated, and your final score will be practically as high as it started.

Air Command starts simple, but the satisfaction of keeping your birds in the air will keep you thoroughly engaged. Visually the game isn't stunning, but it has a Google Earth superimposed feel that keeps it rich. If you're looking for a good aerial themed puzzler that feels different from the flight control games you're used to, give Air Command a shot.

TL;DR It's a short review, don't be lazy!

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