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Ace Pool 3D HD
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Ace Pool 3D HD Review

As much as it pains any true gamer to admit, sometimes it feels good to “drop your weapon.” Nothing warrants such an otherwise disgraceful action like a chill game of pool. Ace Pool 3D HD is a simple, smooth pool game with high quality graphics and game play. With finely detailed wood panels on the pool table and hardwood flooring, it looks and feels like a real pool hall. While some pool games are loaded with tons of options, the simplicity of Ace Pool 3D HD makes this the pool game that you’ll keep coming back to.

Just like any game of pool, it’s competitive whether you’re playing against a friend or the computer. That makes Ace Pool 3D HD's accurate and intuitive controls even more essential. Your buddies won't have any excuses when they knock in the 8 Ball. The physics engine is accurate -- so balls will go where you expect them to go, and will stop where you expect them to stop. We would’ve loved some Game Center integration, but this game is a lock for any time you need to drop the grenade launcher and pick up the pool cue.

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